LaCie d2 Blu-ray 12x 301906U Review

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PROS / The FireWire interface is a standout feature found on this device.

CONS / No live chat support was available if problems arose on the LaCie d2.

VERDICT / The LaCie d2 Blu-ray 12x provides the speed, features and technical support to make it the best available.

According to LaCie Company, they combine design and technology to create the highest-performing external USB Blu-ray drive available. The TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winning LaCie d2 Blu-ray 12x is no exception. It is a device that not only allows the user to read and view Blu-ray video but also write onto a disc to create your own professional video. For a side-by-side comparison and more objective reviews on similar products, visit our external Blu-ray drive page.

Feature Set

The LaCie d2 Blu-ray 12x is the best of the best for several reasons. One of those reasons includes its FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces. The USB port is a popular addition on external Blu-ray drives because it is one of the most well-known and frequently-used ports on computing devices. FireWire is lesser known than the USB port. However, for devices such as these, it is the ideal feature. FireWire is similar to USB but it has the ability to transfer data at a quicker rate, place more devices on the computer bus and lets you send your data to and from high-bandwidth devices.

Not only does this external Blu-ray drive provide for the high transfer of data, several ports are provided to make this transfer happen. Four ports are available, which make the device much simpler to use and the worry of running out of ports is diminished. Also, the LaCie d2 Blu-ray 12x supports multiple operating systems. These systems include Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Unlike many other similar products, it also supports Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X 10.6 for those who prefer a Mac computing device.

This LaCie product comes with a bundled software package, which includes Roxio Easy media Creator 10, Toast 10 Titanium with HD/BD plug-in. The software bundle comes with a backup application. This application backs up files at a fast rate. We liked the idea of additional software and especially the backup application. This was just another way that this product is designed to make your LaCie experience much easier and more enjoyable.

The LaCie d2 Blu-ray 12x also offers the ability to burn documents, raw video shoots and multiple files onto a disc without any hassle. The ability to write information onto a disc and at such a fast rate is an exceptional feature. This device can burn HD video without losing any quality using multiple video codecs such as MPEG2, AVC and VC-1. This LaCie product is ideal for those who tend to worry about advanced technology and need a little peace of mind.

Read/Write Speeds

Not only was the feature set superior on this device but the reading and writing speeds offered beat out the rest of the competition. The Blu-ray reads at a speed of 8x and writes at a speed of 12x. Because of the higher speeds on the LaCie d2 Blu-ray 12x, not as much recording power will be used. Not only does this device provide Blu-ray discs with high reading and writing speeds but also DVD and CD disks as well. A DVD reads and writes at a speed of 16x while CDs read and write with a speed of 40x.

Technical Support

No electronic device which features advanced technology should be left without a strong support system. This LaCie external Blu-ray drive provides solid technical support that we were pleased with. Contact information for troubleshooting help was easy to find on the site along with the ability to receive downloads and a quick installation guide.

A three-year warranty is also offered on this external Blu-ray drive, which is a much longer period of time than is found on other competing products. The warranty is a nice addition to the product in case something damaging were to happen to the device. One of our only complaints with the Lacie d2 was the lack of live chat support. The quick response that results from live chat is always a reassuring addition that no matter what problem occurs with your device, someone is there who can assist you.


The LaCie d2 Blu-ray 12x is a high-performance external Blu-ray drive that is tough to beat. It is much more expensive than many of its competitors but the features offered are worth the money. The fast reading and writing speeds, along with the ease of use that is found with numerous connectivity ports, gives it the edge against others. Also the firewall connectivity, software bundle and technical support when needed, take this product a step ahead of the others.